Ted Talk : Rob Hopkins


Rob Hopkins starts his speech by introducing what he does for a living. He is very involved with the educational system in third world countries, and he has travelled several different countries to help others, by either teaching, or building schools, houses, etc. After his introduction, he starts off by saying one litre of geologically distilled oil, is worth the energy of 35 strong people put together. Hopkins says our lives are based on oil, and it will not be at our disposal forever. Decarbonization of the world is needed, meaning we need to cut our carbon emissions because if we keep living this way, there will be severe consequences, such as there will be no ice in the Arctic in 5-10 years. He explains how there are three choices in our society. One being, buisness as usual, which is clearly not feasible. The second one being, hitting a wall, which means our society will collapse by doing nothing. The third and final one is the impossible dream, which is using new technology to discover new ways of using renewable energy and to be dependent on those energies. The third one is the clear choice. Hopkins then tell us how there needs to be a transition response, which entails people to share their ideas, work together to make innovative solutions, and to look at is as a historique opportunity. Hopkins says we need to look at the resiliance of our society and ecology as well. Which means how a system can hold up when a shock hits it. Will is crumble, or thrive? He explains what is his transition project, which is already put in place in several countries. The project is, doing sustainable things in a local scale. For example, local community gardens so people can enjoy local food close to home. This will attract the local government’s eye, and soon after will be an attraction to the country’s legislative to make bigger concrete changes in societies sustainable energy sources.


I believe this is a great project because it will certainly catch the legislature’s attention. We are waiting for a big transition to happen, and this will certainly be it. If more communities get into this transition project, the faster this project will grow nationally, which means the construction of renewable energy plants can commence.



Rob Hopkins with a litre of oil.                                              Image taken from : Ted.com

Resources :

Ted Talk : Rob Hopkins



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